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Six habits for career success
Bangalore: Can adopting the behaviors of the top performers help you to be successful in yourcareer? Yes it can. Career success deeply depends on how well you can identify and adopt the best »
10 ways your Boss will get you to Quit
Bangalore: If you are among the talented ones in your office and is supposedly getting more attention than your Boss then you should be seeing a pink slip coming your way anytime. There are some good »
Why Women in India are Paid Less than Men
Women have always been dominated by Men in every field, be it at home or at office or on any social ground. But this era has been an eye opener for the men as women are equally competing with them in »
Why Women in India Dipping Out of Workforce?
Bangalore: Modern Indian woman take up study, then take up jobs and live an equal life like that of a man. Or does that equality really exist in our culture? Looking through the superficial level »
Women Prefer Soft Jobs; Hence Paid Less
Bangalore: "Men are paid more than women in a workplace" the phrase itself raises a lot of questions. The classic answer to it is there is no assurance from them sticking to the job as they get »
Why Women Are Less Happy At Workplace?
Bangalore:It is said that women have the capacity to handle any difficult situation.But for a woman it is very difficult to handle both her personal and professional life equally, as she has lots of »
The Art of living Programe
The Art Of Living program  was conducted between 20th to 25th September, 2005 at CBPOP office seminar hall in Vasanthnagar, Bangalore. This was done based on the request of UNITES - Professionals »